Group participation post of the week!

This week I thought would be a little more fun!
My kids and a few other friends have been teasing me lately about my
Things that I say or do all of the time that I am famous for.
I' not going to give you any hints,
so You have to come up with some on your own.

If you can't think of any isms, then you can still contribute
by sending in a few words that you think describe me and my personality.
Now, I'm not looking for any stories behind the words or why you feel that way, or long sobbiness,
If you think I'm funny, write "I think she's damn funny!"
See how easy?  And Bob's your uncle!

Now I also know that most of you chicken butts have an aversion to posting your comments publicly on my blog, these are your choices:
*You can simply post your responses like big girls and boys and be proud of doing so.
*You can use the anonymous feature on the comment thing to keep your identity private.  NO ONE (no, not even ME) will be able to tell who you are.
*Or if you're still a big baby who needs to email me privately, then you can send it to
Have fun with this!  It's an easy, somewhat innocent time to make fun of me or pick on me a little! :)
And if You want to chuck those earlier ideas and just have a funny story about me from the past,
then throw that out there too.  It's all welcome! :)
All of the comments and emails will be gathered up in a few days and I will write a post on it.  I bet it will be hillarious!


Anonymous said…
How about DANG!!!! or Y'all? You're so funny! I miss you! I'm sure I can come up with MANY more given the time, but they may be pretty naughty! haha! But then again, NAUGHTY is definitely a word that makes me think of you! Naughty = Veronica! Little Miss Lola Pants! :) Can you guess who this is???
I want to guess who it is, but I'm afraid to because I don't want to be wrong...and I SO hope I'm right. :)

Okay, some responses that were in my inbox this morning...

"Oh that makes me feel better!" lol I guess I do say that a lot.

"Lip gloss a poppin'" This one made me laugh because YES, I need my lip gloss.

"Shut up!"


"I know, right?"

heehee at least they've all been positive things so far! :)
Joleen said…
You crazy ass cracka! lol That's what I want to say! You ain't gots to be lyin' Craig! ROFLMAO What about "It's all about the kitty!" or "B'GAWK!" roflmao!!! I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY MORE!
My kids wanted me to add that I think EVERY ailment in the world can be cured with bacitracin, tylenol or sleep. ROFLMAO. It's true though!!! They said I'm either like Chris Rock's dad with the Robitussin or like the dad from Big Fat Greek Wedding with the Windex. That's okay, I stand by my bacitracin. "It's gonna get infected!"
Allison says she has a whole list to eventually add when she has time, but that she wants to start off with "Holla!" and "Up his (or theirs or yours or hers)!" lol
Haha! This is what Shawnda had to say:

Heifer (Did I spell that right?)

There are lots of things you say and do that are VERY veronica, but some I would have to tell you personally!! LOL

You're one of a kind, Soapie"