I am a well of complex contradictions.

I remember once saying to someone, "I'm just a simple girl..." and he laughed and said, "If there was anything simple about you I wouldn't be sitting here right now...".

My heart seeks the Lord and finds his hand in everything around me.

But my mind and my mouth tend to be filthy.

"Just not enough fruit"
is what I have heard from people.

Maybe they're right.

The beauty of it all is that
I have a Lord that never lets go...

no matter how deep the struggles I face;
how complex my insides are;
no matter how many times
I do the same stupid and unpleasing things
over and over again.

I am honest about it.
I don't front.
I'm so overwhelmingly human
that it is hard for my mind to comprehend that
I am enough.

Enough for him to love me...
and keep loving me.
To never give up.
To keep his promises
when so many earthly people
have failed me.
To never let go.

He never lets go.