Friday Five

  1. Is this thing on? Because sometimes I doubt it. I guess when it all boils down, I don't really care because this is more for me than anyone else, but.....
  2. Have been sick all week. Still don't feel great but have to go back work for the weekend, so need to feel at least good enough.
  3. Finally got to watch the 5th season of Weeds. Not crazy about this story line & still feel sorry for Andy.
  4. Started watching True Blood. Is N-O-T for everybody. After the first four episodes I hated it but was encouraged to keep watching & it did get better. Better or addictive? Not sure, maybe both. But I repeat...NOT for most people reading this blog.
  5. Started watching Nurse Jackie tonight. I actually like it. Most medical or nursing shows turn me off because they are so far from reality, but this one is pretty good. All except for the long breaks she gets to take outside of the hospital and the leaving early when she needs to....yeah right, like that really happens. That and they all wear their stethoscopes backwards. The earpieces are supposed to point FORWARD when you put them in your ears. Why hasn't anyone told them that yet? Other than that, very good. Edie Falco does a good job and reminds me of so many nurses I've known & loved. And some like myself as well. Yes, not much besides tv...what else was I supposed to do when I am sick?
  6. And a pinch to grow an inch. I heard that there is someone that would like me to fall off of the face of the earth. That's so interesting because I have been completely wishing the same thing for her. I just think that it's funny that she wants this when she only knows a little tiny sliver of the story...if she knew the WHOLE story, then she'd REALLY want me to fall! And not just me...probably at least one other person. Oh knowing her, it would still be just me. She's stupid like that. Only sees fault in me. Oh well, up hers. And of course I mean that in love. :)

"When it Don't Come Easy"
Patty Griffin