Friday Five

  1. Money is super tight.  What else is new, I know.  With trying to get bills caught up and then facing all of the expenses for Courtney's senior year (ring, senior pics, cap & gown, announcements, etc.) it's a task that's a bit daunting right now.  And knowing that Christmas is right around the corner?  *sigh*
  2. My eyes have been KILLING me lately!  They are SO dry since I've moved!  I've always had trouble with dry eyes, but these are beyond severe.  I've had so many different drops and ointments, it's not funny.  My dr. wants to send me to an Ophthalmologist to see about getting some restasis (a med that helps produce more of your own tears) but until then, I have to use drops plus this ointment that is pretty much just like vaseline.  It's supposed to be for bedtime, but I end up needing to use it at two or three times a day.  What does that mean?  That I always feel blind, that's what!  When you put that stuff in your eyes, you can't see anything through the petroleum haze.  I'm so over it, but it's a better alternative to feeling like I am rubbing raw onions on my eyes.
  3. Work.  Work work work work work.  As I've said before, I actually really like the facility I work at now.  It's a good job and I like it there.  I like the people, I like my boss.  BUT, it's still work.  And work is what?   Yucky.  But I'm possibly looking at a little promotion in the next few weeks, so that's encouragement.  It will mean more stress and more mental work, but less direct patient care and physical stuff.  It's a little intimidating, but I'm stoked about it and can't wait.  Bring it on! We haven't discussed pay yet though and I wonder how much of a raise I'll get.
  4. I can't wake up lately.  I want to sleep 24/7.  I had thought it was just because I was PMS'ing, but that's done and over with and I am still forcing myself to fall out of bed after sleeping twelve hours.  And sitting here, I could easily lay my head down and doze back off.
  5. I thought maybe I've been so tired because I'm so bored, so I've been trying to read and do some crafts and DIY projects to help wake me up.  And while that feels great, it hasn't helped with the fatigue.  But I have some great looking stuff now...for CHEAP!  Did you see the pictures? :)