Time to get 'er done...

Even though I'm nervous,
it is time to finish the last degree I started.
It seems daunting, but it is not going to finish itself.

I decided to take a break in 2008 and never went back.
Now I found out that recently they completely revamped
the entire program, and ALL of the work I had done
was for nothing and I have to start all over.
Yep, it is an 18-month program and I had completed half of it.
And now I have to do it all again.
And I had a 4.0!
Let's hope I can do THAT again too!

So anyways, who doesn't need more student loan debt, right? ;)
Just kidding.

I start next Wednesday,
and should finish in May, 2015.

Wish me luck,
I'm going in!