Paradise (in the) Valley...

We got to see John Mayer in Concert on October 2nd! 
*screams like a twelve-year-old (!!!)*

If you really understood how much I love this man and his music,
you would understand what a big deal this is to me.

I have been waiting to see him live for YEARS.
When he was here for his Continuum tour,
I had fully planned to go, but those plans fell through.
Then he got sick and he hasn't been on tour since...
and that was what?
3 1/2 years ago?
At least.


Wednesday was the day!!!

I was a little disappointed when I bought our tickets
because I waited a little too long to buy them and by then all of the
good seats were GONE (ugh!).
We were stuck with kind of crappy seats,
but I didn't care, at least I would be there.

Let me just preface some of this by saying,
that I *KNOW* the video I am presenting is of the crappiest quality.
BUT, this is not only because of how far away our seats were,
but is actually a testament to how much I love John Mayer and how HAPPY
I was to be there!

See, I did not want my only memories of this concert to be of looking through 
the screen of a camera (A).  And (B), this camera of mine is SO sensitive that when you
zoom in from that far away, if you even breathe, it bounces all over the place.
And suffice it to say that I was NOT holding still!
I was swaying, dancing, singing and looking at Paul and the girls to see how much
they were enjoying the music.
SOOOO, this means that the camera looks as if it was following the bouncing ball,
even though it really wasn't moving all that much.
But, I wanted to make sure that I caught at least a small portion of some of the
songs that I loved most for my keepsake...even if they aren't perfect-looking.

Make sense? :)

John Mayer

"Waiting on the Day"
John Mayer

John Mayer

Phillip Phillips was also there as the opening act.
Here is "Home" aka Maddie's "Mommy Song"
lurve you, xoxo v.