Dark Horse...

"Dark Horse"
Katy Perry

This is my FAVORITE song right now!

Her whole new album (PRISM) is fantastic.
Let me just put it out there,
I'm saying it out loud...
this is Katy's good sex, I'm in a good relationship for the first time,
John-Mayer-is-putting-it-down-right album.
This is a sexy album that gives off all of the vibes of a woman
who is happy, falling in love and finally getting loved on correctly.
 (And I knew my Boo John would be able to do the damn thing!)

It's okay girl, we've all been there.
But because I've been there, I sooooo recognize it.
*doing the I got you eye-to-eye finger moves*

The whole album doesn't drop until Tuesday,
but she's streaming it for free on katyperry.com
lurve you, xoxo v.