Find job. Check!

Today as I was pulling into the parking lot at work, my cell rang.
"Veronica? This is Rose from **** hospital...did the Director of Nursing call you today?"
"Nope. Still haven't heard anything from anyone at your facility."
"Well, I think that's because your manager is on vacation for another week, but I wanted to call and tell you that although all of the pay information hasn't been hammered out, we would definitely like to offer you the position as our nursing supervisor."

Sweet! :) Thank you Lord! Step one done. I can't wait to hear what financial package they "hammer out" and offer me. I basically told them that they were crazy with the first "ballpark" number they gave me. I didn't mince words by telling her it was a bit insulting and I'm worth more than that--especially for a supervisory position. Honestly, I'm grateful to have the position, but they do need to bring their price up. A lot. I hope they do and she said she should know something by next Monday. After that, I can know what price range to search for housing in and then...Bob's your uncle! It will be all done and I will once again have a wonderful example of how God ALWAYS comes through in the knick-of-time (yeah, when I say knick of time I mean more i've gotten my knickers in a wad by this point and he proves to me that I was worrying for nothing).
That was awesome, fantastic news for today. I let my boss know and turned in my official two-week notice. And for a bonus--on my out of work tonight I ran into an old flame. He told me the first thing he thinks whenever he sees me is how pretty I am. I thought that was nice. :) He made me feel good. And he smelled sooooo good. It was a nice end to a good-news day. All the crappy bits in the middle don't even matter. :)


Wide awake Rita said…
Check! YIppeeee So happy for you and I'm glad you let them know your worth. A lot of people just settle. As they say you get what you pay for you are definitely worth a whole lot
Allison said…
YAY GOD!!!!!!! =)
DJ's Mama said…
That is awesome... congrats....
*happy dance*
Shawnda Lee said…
Woohooooooooooooooo!!! Yay! You sound WAY more excited now than you didn on the voicemail, Eeyore!