Graphic of the day

When I was a teenager I had bought one of those little laminated cards from the Christian bookstore with this picture on it. I can't even begin to count the hours that I lay there staring at this picture--and particularly the look on Jesus' face and the way he was hugging this person. He looked so genuinely happy to see this person. This picture was the very first thing that God used to begin to teach me about the reality of his love for me as an individual.


Allison said…
I used to have one of those too. I love knowing that Jesus not only loves me, but He likes me too.....and I make Him smile.
feeling kinda soft and fruity said…
You know the beauty of pictures or art is each one of us can imagine our own thought as to what it says, or means and we hold that so dear to our hearts and can never forget what a memory a picture brings.