Project relocation, day 2

-->We were SO EXHAUSTED after a long moving day and even sleeping in didn't help rejuvenate us much. We got busy and back to work around 12:30 and tried to get the truck emptied as quickly as possible so that we could return it. By the time that was done we were all ringing with sweat again and dying from heat exhaustion. I kept telling the kids to pick a vent and sit in front of it to cool down because they weren't looking so good!

We got the truck returned and the girls showed up around 4:30 or so to help out again. And they surprised me with a sweet gift of some groceries when they walked in! Having friends close by is not only wonderful because of having your friends close by, but it's so wonderful to have a thoughtful support system in place.
I was working in the kitchen while Allison made us a spaghetti dinner (she's the only person whose spaghetti Ilike just as much as my own, by the way!) and Rachel and Shawnda decided to start attacking the girl's room—a very brave task as it was at least 100 degrees up there! They cleaned Courtney's room and got it all ready to go and then tackled the MOUNDS of "stuff" in the little girl's room. Even long after Shawnda gave up (she didn't feel very good) and came downstairs, Rachel stayed the course and sweated her butt off until the dresser was full, beds were made and the floor was cleared which was SO appreciated becuause I packed it all by myself and I KNOW how much stuff there was!

After the girls were bathed and in bed, we all gathered in the living room to tackle boxes and boxes of decorations. I knew that if I got even one room together I would start to feel more settled and peaceful--and I was right! It turned out great and I LOVE my living room now!
Around 2:30 or so in the morning everyone started to go home. I felt bad because Rachel had to teach Sunday School the next morning--something I couldn't have gotten up to do! She even mowed her lawn after church while I was still sleeping! pssshhhhh! lol The day was filled with a little blood, A LOT of sweat and even a few tears, but was worth the work to start feeling like we were more settled in our new house.


Wishing I could move there too said…
It's beautiful and I love it!