Project relocation, day 3

Today was a more quiet day than the first two since arriving. Everyone was busy doing their own things at home and getting ready for the work week which left us here alone to start delving through the mounds of unpacking that we had to do. I felt like I didn't get much done because I would get a few things done in one room and couldn't do more until I put some things away that belonged in another room, etc. So I'd do a few things in every room and couldn't see vast improvements in ANY rooms.
Allison called around 11:30 to say, "I'm in my pajamas but coming over anyways--you have to PROMISE not to let me stay too long though." lol Yeah right! She and Shawnda came over and we started unpacking some things for my bedroom and enjoying plenty of girl talk--before we knew it, it was like 2:30 in the morning and they had to scoot home. I actually went to bed right after that too believe it or not! I'm trying to work on the bedtime thing since moving here and starting to do slightly better--after all, 2:30 is early for me!


Wishing I could remember about that tea said…
Gosh how far are they from you, sounds like they're across the street. lol
I don't think anyone is further than 10 minutes! :)