Project relocation, day 5

Today was SO MUCH better than yesterday! :) Today, in fact, was FABULOUS! It started with Allison sending me a text telling me that Rachel is busting butt to find a good school for my kids. I love my friends! Seriously, I have the BEST friends! Shortly after that, Rachel sends me a text asking if I could go to a school open house that evening at 6:00 because she thinks she found a really great charter school for them to go to.
I was SO EXCITED! I totally cannot verbalize how depressing yesterday was. This was just the news that I needed. So she calls and tells me all about this school and she's right, it does sound awesome. It's a school that was started by a Christian company, but because they can't teach "religion", they focus on morals and character development. GREAT!
At 5:30 she came to pick us up for the open house. She surprised the girls with gift bags full of school supplies, which was so sweet. :) The school is in a what would appear to be not-so-pretty neighborhood, but it's a historical district and is actually full of gorgeous old homes and little victorian parks. The school itself is a lovely old building that is so full of history and gorgeous antiques--I could sit in there for days and just take it in.
The program has so much to offer and I was so excited about it I enrolled them immediately! And get this--they only had openings with no waiting lists for 3rd and 6th grades. :) Coincidence? I don't think so. :)
The girls weren't excited at first about the school because as soon as their little ears heard the words "uniforms" and "dress code" they stopped listening and started freaking out. lol So now we have to get them uniforms, but I am very excited about it.
Later in the evening we went over to Allison's house so that Darren could mow her lawn (not as simple as it sounds! lol) and then came the REALLY fun part! Our family scurried home and I got the girls in bed. Little did they know that at midnight (when it officially turned Maddie's birthday), all of her new "Aunts" were going to show up at our house to help bring in her birthday.
Right around midnight Allison, Shawnda and Rachel snuck into the house and Allison whipped out a plate of brownies that she had baked. We stuck 11 candles in them and started up the stairs while singing "Happy Birthday."
Maddie was surprised and very excited to say the least and blew out her candles while making a wish for her new year. She opened gifts of Hoops & Yoyo things, a stuffed dog, a new camera and other little things and then we sat around drinking milk and grubbing on brownies. It was a really awesome experience and I don't think she'll ever forget it.
After tucking the girls back in, we settled in the living room for some relaxing, hillarious girl talk.
We laughed so hard we about peed ourselves until about 2:30 or 3 in the morning and then
everyone headed home and I headed to bed.
Today was a (as Rachel would say) really, really, REALLY good day. :)


So stupid so stupid said…
You guys crack me up. All four of you remind me of that movie Hope Floats. lol I'm so glad God paved the way yet again. He is so wonderful. You all look so happy, even Scott, every single face I seen has a different expression than those faces from the other house. Guess what Veronica? I think this is where you all belong and I think God thinks so too because everything is working itself out just as He has written.
Love you!
Wow, what a great day! I feel left out though, I haven't had Alli's brownies in a long long time! You guys sure now how to have fun. Isn't God wonderful for all the neat ways he shows his love for us!