Odd Google searches

Dude, this has been a particularly busy week for people to come to my blog via some really odd Google searches. I get to make a much longer list than normal...have a look.
  1. t shirt crackhead nurse
  2. save the drama for your mama shirt
  3. summer dress (HOW did that get them here?)
  4. sleeping beauty t-shirt
  5. how many times have you been hugged (? lol)
  6. Betty Crocker clinic
  7. David Cook burn baby tshirt (wth?)
  8. I love my husband myspace layouts (and they got THAT from this page? lol)
  9. pretend wedding for kids
  10. pork chops summer
  11. pick your poison tshirt
  12. summer love 08
  13. diarrhea and itchy butt (!!! ROFLMAO!!! hahahaha)
  14. i love you more than ice cream kitty (what does that even mean?)
  15. scrrd
  16. sherwin-williams (isn't ironic that someone would search that out and end up here?)
  17. the f-word t-shirts
  18. van morrison idiosyncrasies (?)
  19. tshirts now accepting applications (what? they're hiring?)
  20. unhooked tshirt
  21. bed time tshirt
  22. t-shirt "crash and burn"
  23. weird-google blogspot (well, they made the list!)
  24. Last but not least... lonely, horny nurses!!! lol


DJ's Mama said…
so how are you finding these out? that is hysterical.
Oh my oh my!!! that's soo funny! Please tell me how you find this stuff out!
Allison said…
Seriously.....I can't figure out how some of those google searches get to your blog.....but LOL LOL LOL!!!
For those results I mostly use google analytics, but sometimes sitemeter.
DJ's Mama said…
I am going to have to try it on mine.. What is funny is that All gets things related to DJ and other family members of Ty's on her page, but none to mine.. what the heck? :)