Project relocation, day 6

Phew am I tired! Today was a L-O-N-G but productive day! We had decided to take Darren home today because he's had a bit of an attitude and I'm ready for him to go bye-bye. lol Love him, but he needs to go now big boy!
Anyways, our landlord had informed us the day before that the plumber would be coming first thing in the morning to "tear out the whole shower so we can get new fixtures." Nice. Like the idea of new fixtures, but not the whole destroying what we just put together bit. True to their words, the plumber was banging on the front door at 8am and proceeded to saw and drill his way through the bathroom walls and plumbing for about 8 hours or so. He left us with a torn-open shower wall that he covered in plastic for when the "tile guy" comes to spend the day with us on Friday. Yay us.
In the midst of this I start getting ready to go for my pre-employment physical when Rachel texts me and asks if I want her to come get the girls while I am doing "work stuff." As I've said a hundred times, my friends are awesome and so thoughtful. She ended up taking them to a "little girls salon" here in town that is just for the little ladies and got the girls hair cut for school. Because it was Maddie's birthday, she got a tiara to wear and they both got colored streaks (temporary of course) and glitter spray in their hair. They felt so pampered and grown up it was so neat!
The girls got home and we sat here waiting for the cable guy to hook up our beloved cable, internet and phones. Well, we're STILL waiting. He used some excuse about needing consent for drilling a hole in the wall from the owners before he could hook up the phone and then refused to hook up the cable and/or internet until he could do it all at one time and said he'd be back Tuesday. TUESDAY! I was so mad--it wasn't pretty. For those of you wondering, in the evening I can pick up the wifi signals from the coffee house down the street and have been using that.
After dropping the girls off with Allison to spend the evening while we drove Darren home, we headed off for Cleveland. It was a fairly non-eventful trip with only one "bump" in the road--don't ask. We dropped Darren off (Phew again!) and then headed over to the old house to get some things we had to leave behind. Unfortunately, everything that wasn't locked in the house had been stolen and/or torn up. Our lawn mower and lawn furnite were gone as were our weed wacker and all of our potted plants. The bins and boxes on the back deck were dumped and things broken. We went inside and got what was left and then headed home. We picked the girls up around 2:30 and are now heading to bed.
This has been such a busy week my body is BEAT! I am exhausted and stressed. I've been breaking out in hives all evening and in the car my left foot started swelling up like a football! It's NEVER done that before and I can't figure out if something bit me or if it's because my body is just whiped out. If you look in the pictures I think you can see a bit on top of my foot maybe. I have a ton of misquito bites on my legs from the night we were moving in, so it's hard to tell if that's old or new. Either way, I'm heading to bed with my foot up on a pillow and an ice pack on it. Hope you all have had a much less eventful week than I have. Though Maddie said that this has been the best birthday she has ever had, so I guess it's worth it.


My leg and foot swell is it water retention? said…
WOW! I love you living so close to the babes. You are truly loved.
Phew! What a day right? You do have awesome friends. Miss you!
Just a guy said…
Just a "BUMP" riiight.