Do I have a coaster stuck to my butt or something?

Today was pretty short at work, which was nice. I gout out around 1:30 and got to come home just to partake in some drama I didn't expect and then fall into a 3-hour coma.
Just prior to fallin into such coma I had received a series of text messages from a certain family member who shall remain nameless (but for those in the know--today was his wife's birthday and she was taking the bar exam. Oh and his name rhymes with HEWEY. Hmmmm? Who could it be???). Well, I'm in a very uncomfortable position now because I'm thinking first of all--WTH??? WHAT would make him do that? I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving dinner and HELLO! Do I have a coaster constantly stuck to my butt or something that makes me look like a bar whore or someone who this would be acceptable to try this with??? Because let me tell ya--the married mens's...they like me. And it PISSES ME OFF anymore. It turns me off so much to see a man being disloyal to his wife.
Ok, that's the first dillemma, the second one is now what am I supposed to do with this crappy information? Maybe he was drunk and it was a fluke? Maybe he was stupid and realizes it and that's why he tried to call me later in the evening and didn't leave a message. Maybe he feels like real rat now for hitting on his wife's cousin/closest thing to a sister she's ever had. She has WAY TOO MUCH on her plate to need anything else so I won't be telling her. It was her birthday today, she had to take the bar exam, she's stressed about her kids health problems and moving and starting a new job, etc, etc.
I'm just ticked and put off by this. Oh well.
Other than that, my day has been quiet and blah. I'm really, super, duper, really, really tired. Lupus is flaring a little bit and stress is catching up with me. Not to mention that I've had to get up early every day--not used to that yet. This is all why I should be in bed right now. Actually, I AM in bed, I need to take it a step further and actually go to sleep. I think I will. I just felt bad for neglecting my faithful little blog friends for so long. I will be settle soon I promise! Love you all!


Allison said…
Seriously, some men are just PIGS!

Glad that things are going well at work and that God has blessed you with such a wonderful job. Before long, you will be into a groove and not so exhausted all the time. Hang in there, friend. You can do it!!