The territory in between

Big can be beautiful. Small is usually beautiful too. It's the territory in between that creates confusion.

I read this today and it resonated strongly for me not just because it's true, but because it's especially true for me. Right now my life is upside down. This evening I worked in the kitchen getting everything but the absolute bare essentials packed away. The past few weeks when everything started to turn upside down is when my spirit started to panic. Not huge panic as in "I'm not sure what will happen" panic, but rather in a sense that I can't make heads or tales of anything, I don't know where this, that, the other or even I belong.
Tonight as we packed everything away except for a few cups, some microwave popcorn, etc. I started to relax and feel this huge wave of relief come over me. You see, I don't need perfect. Just about nothing in my adult life has been "normal" and I still manage to cope just fine. What I do need is to be able to label everything and tuck it away into it's place. Give me a lot--or give me just a little. Give me a neat & tidy package, or give me a mess. As long as I know what the rules are, I'm fine. It's limbo that I have trouble with. Tonight now that I know that I have no options other than a bowl, a cup, a spoon, etc...I'm ok.


Shawnda Lee said…
I know just what you mean! We may not always like the hand we're dealt but as long as can see the cards in our hands we can figure out a plan and develop our own calm! I get it!
Allison said…
I love the way you expressed yourself here. It is truly in the simple things where we find safety and true contentment.....even when all else seems to be falling apart. Love you, friend!
anally organized Rita said…
So totally relate to that. I don't have anything but the mess I have is nice and neat in it's box.