A gift for my niece

starting now,
a thousand stars in the sky
will become clearer,
a thousand notes
in your heart
will blend into song,
and all the love
you have ever given
will be returned to you
a thousand times better
by your baby girl.

Tonight I went shopping for my niece. She's still tucked away safe & snug in her mommy's tummy but she'll be here soon. Until this morning I had planned on being here on Saturday for the baby shower, but now I don't think I can and I'm really bummed about it.
A friend called and asked me what time I would be leaving Dayton to be back here for the shower and I know it sounds funny, but I had never thought about it before. Suddenly I realized that I would have to leave way, way early after a long day and night of moving and unpacking. Then I would have to come back and finish the unpacking because I have plenty of help waiting for me--but only on Saturday and Sunday because they all have to work. So once again I am so sad to be missing out on something important.
Don't get me wrong, I miss a lot of family functions with my extended family. I feel that if they can't be bothered with me the rest of the year, why should I go out of my way to see them. But this is my brother and he matters to me. And it's a long story but this is the first nephew or niece (it's a NIECE by the way!! :) ) that I actually get to be involved with or know--and I'm moving away--AND I'm missing her baby shower. I wrote a long letter to Jennifer (my sister-in-law) and explained to her how sorry I am and how much I love & appreciate her. I hope she feels how heart-felt it is and doesn't think it's a bunch of crap.
Up top are the words to the card I gave her & Josh. Below are the words on the card from me to the baby.
A wish for blue skies,

warm sunshine,

and rainbows to follow

each cloudy day...
...and a promise that

my heart is with you,

no matter what the weather.


Allison said…
Awwwww, I'm so happy for Josh and the coming new baby. He's gonna be a good daddy!! =)
Cry baby Ri said…
Gosh you hit my tear notes with all your writings. UGGHHHH