One day of getting up early and I am SO TIRED. Seriously, I'm such a morning wimp--and I have to do it every day this week AND next. Except for next Thursday that is, but that's only because they're making me work a 12-hour day on Friday. PHEW. I'm grateful, but I can't wait for the three-day weeks to start even if they are 12 hour days.


Brit' Gal Sarah said…
Look after yourself working that hard and with the relocation etc!

Btw thanks for the idea of the cbox - love it!
Love you girly! Now pamper yourself! You've had quite the day/month/year!!!

I'll be in town Sunday!!! yay!
Oh, so how is the job in itself? Or do you even know if you know that yet! hehe
Allison said…
Me too!! My body can't believe that it's only Tuesday....