Project relocation, day 1

Today finally came! Moving day! We woke up bright and early to go pick up the UHaul and drove over with it to pick up Darren. After dropping me back off at our van, the boys headed home to start loading up while I went to go pick up Madelaine at her friends house.
Man was today HOT! Sweat poured out of us all as we busted butt to load up the truck so that we could hit the road. We were missing two moving assistants who had told us they would help, so it was just us and that stank! Especially for the guys because they had to really crunch everything in there tight.
By the by, if you're ever looking for a U-Haul, DO NOT believe what they tell you about the size of the trucks. They said this particular truck would haul a 2-3 bedroom house with no problems so I got it. I figured since we had hardly any furniture and no appliances we would be fine. No. Not only was the truck literally packed within every square inch of it's life, but so was our van...and we STILL had to leave behind a lot o things that we really didn't want to lose. It sucked but we were glad to finally be on our way around 3:30 or so.
When we arrived, Allison had got to our house a few minutes before us and was waiting with the landlord to welcome us. We were SO EXCITED when we rolled up! The site of the U-Haul in the driveway was AWESOME! :)
The landlord was super-sweet and between her and Allison they had a bunch of goodies waiting for us: cheese and crackers, a fruit cup, water, tea, and diet coke--all so very thoughtful. We loved the house right away, but noticed how stifling hot it was in there. Barb, the landlady, assured us that the air had been on for a few hours and that it would be cooling off any moment now. LIAR!! lol It never cooled off and actually got sooo much worse as we all struggled to get things unloaded. Before long, not only did I have my five people (we had picked up Amelia on the way), but my girls Allison, Shawnda & Rachel were there struggling through with us. We all had pizza and pop then got to work. I would say by about 1:00 or so in the morning everyone was fed up with sweating like pigs and called it a night to hit the showers and the hay. More tomorrow! :)

(Doing the "YAY we're almost there!" dance)


Just me said…
This made me want to cry. Such a good feeling moving into a new house, environment, neighborhood, etc. I know I needed to be there to pack that truck up, I had the same one with space to spare.
Loved the pics.