With three days to spare! HOLLA!!

Ok y'all, not 36 hours ago I was sitting here writing about how I didn't know what God had up his sleeve, but I knew it had to be coming soon because he's NEVER late. WELL, all I can say is--- WOOT WOOT! :)
In a 24 hour period, God provided a house (that needs a little cutesying up but is still awesome) and provided a wonderful family to adopt our kitties. We weren't happy to see them go and my littlest one is so so so sad about it, but it was necessary and we were lucky to find wonderful people right off the bat (coincidence? I think NOT.) who were willing to take both cats so they wouldn't be separated, which was such a relief to me.
So....now I know my new address. :) Now I can start working on utilities, schools, etc. Next Wednesday I have to go for all of my pre-hiring stuff like physical, drug-screen, picture-taking for badge, etc.
Here we go!!! :)


Allison said…
YAY GOD!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!
Believing he is the creator said…
God always wants to see how much faith you have in Him. You have great faith because He makes it happen.