Friday five

  1. There have been some wonderful developments on the job front. I was informed today by the recruiter that they have a new position for me and are doing away with the straight "supervisor" position. It is a little more work but pays around 20% more than the other position. They are also giving me relocation reimbursement, which is WONDERFUL. She said that they will start finalizing everything tomorrow and honestly, until they do I will be a little nervous. I'm tired of being disappointed and waiting for the other shoe to drop. There will no dropping of any shoes! (please Lord. please.)
  2. Maddie came home today and I missed her so much. She grew a ton in a month and looks like a young woman more and more all the time.
  3. Number two leads me to this: Maddie came home today and I haven't heard that much talking in over a month! Phew! I tried and tried, I really did--but by the end of the day I was back to the old standard of, "Madelaine! Please shut up! Just for a few minutes. Please." I'm not even joking when I say that I heard more talking today than I have in an entire month. Scott never EVER has a conversation with me and so this house is quiet aside for the sound of the tv all of the time. Then BLAM!!! I love her but I felt like my head was going to pop!
  4. Wednesday night at work I said goodbye to the last of the people who really, really mattered to me--Don. He's the person I'm the closest to in that place and he's definitely the one nearest to my heart. We sat down and had a long conversation and that hugged out our goodbyes. At that moment I felt inside for the first time, "Ok. I can go now." I decided to use sick time (since they don't cash that out anyways) for my last two nights.
  5. Still waiting for my new home to show itself to me. Still praying. Still living. Still swimming. *Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....*


Feeling for my girl V said…
Everything falls into it's place. Just keep doing the "Dory" Swimming, swimming, swimming.
Love you!