Project relocation, day 7

Here we are one week into this new life and so far so good (minus a few glitches that I have faith God will work out somehow--quickly please Lord. PLEASE.). The weather is nice enough right now to have the windows open and it's nice and quiet since Darren went home. We spent a quiet day together doing a little cleaning and organizing, but nothing drastic. My foot is slightly better, but is still not right. Thank you for all your prayers and support and if you wouldn't mind continuing to whisper a few prayers for those unspoken requests I mentioned above. Everything is going sweet and we even have a few weeks left before the girl comes home with all of her hormones, drama and mouthiness. Right now, life is pretty good. The only thing that could make it much better would be more money. :)


Anonymous said…
hee hee... dum dum dum dummmm... the girl and her hormones!!! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! (this is maribel by the way =] =] =] )
on my knees girl! You got my prayers... especially for the hormonal one! Yikes, think she'd be offended if I sent her a case of midol? :)
No! She'd probably be like, "At least someone understands me! Gosh!" LOL