The difference between my old life and my new life.

In my new life I asked a friend to go meet my landlord at our house and look it over to make sure it was ok. Instead of just one friend showing up, FIVE friends showed up. Allison, Rachel, Shawnda, Megan and Tyson ALL showed up--without me even asking. Just because they loved me and are excited about me coming to town.

In my old life tonight was supposed to be my farewell dinner--and no one but Andrea showed up and she's the one who drove me. Not Carl, Don, Wende, Kristin--none of them. Not even a call.

I know that lives can be busy and there usually are good excuses--but they could have at least made a gesture like a call or an email instead of having Andrea and I sit alone in a restaurant at a huge, empty table. I'm so looking forward to my new life where I love people and they love me back.


Allison said…
Allison said…
P.S. And your new life can't wait for you to get here!!!
Psycho in Cali said…
Allison is wonderful she truly is gives inspiration.
You know sometimes we have to climb out of the hole to get our blessings.
Guess what?
I think your move was you climbing out of the hole.
So excited for you all to be closer to lean on eachother.
Shawnda Lee said…
Yep, truly loved :) And truly wanted :)