Weird Google searches that brought people to my page

  • Slacker moms (from my "Blog Mom" blog--not for me lol)
  • Chill out Francis
  • Litter bearer
  • ANY kind of tshirt searches--you wouldn't believe the funny things people want on a tshirt! lol I should do a blog just on those!
  • Types of moms
  • Beautiful Ohio women (why thank you! lol)
  • Bipolar blogs (well, not me--but I do plenty of blogging about it)
  • True love (is it? I hope so)


Allison said…
My favorite is still the "get er done" birds!!!
BritGal' Sarah said…
slacker moms - ROFL!
The old bag not feeling like Samantha but Rita said…
Am I completely out of the loop or what? Okay so the Kate 8 thing and now this google thing, I know what google is but what do you do just think these things up or go in under the alphabet and see what comes up? I am so old I feel like I'm just going to fart. lol
Veronica said…
Rita you crack me up. lol No, when you subscribe to a service that tells you the statistics of who visits your blog, it also tells you how they got there--such as through a google search and what they searched for.