Friday fifteen

  1. I saw an amish man smoking a cigarette while driving his horse and buggy. I laughed when he hurried to hide it when he made eye contact with me.
  2. I had my annual eval today at work. It went great. Then she wrote me up for my attendance afterwards. lol *oops*
  3. I'm getting a cold or something--my throat hurts.
  4. Tomorrow is an unofficial first day to our series of "Stick it to the man" yard sales. I'm selling everything that will come loose from this house! I'm sure a crack head would buy an old kitchen cabinet for $5.00! lol
  5. Embarrassing fact about me: I often go hungry or eat junk because I've never been good at using the can opener. lol True story! I know, I know. But it's true. If Scott is sleeping and can't open it for me, I'll go hungry before I'll try to use it usually. lol
  6. Another embarrassing fact: I suck at buttering bread. lol My mom always had to do it for me because I would totally destroy and rip up the bread while buttering it and not sure if I still would because I tend to avoid that too.
  7. I know they still visit my blog and that's fine with me--but at least I don't have to see the words "Sherwin Williams" every day anymore because they are being more discreet. And I appreciate it.
  8. Speaking of which, I passed three freakin' Sherwin Williams trucks on the way home from my interviews this week. I cussed at every single one.
  9. I opened my graphics site this week. You can find the link over there on the side of the page. I still have to add some more premade headers and also some free graphics this weekend.
  10. I miss my kids. I'm really enjoying the quiet time, but I miss hearing their little voices and them cuddling in bed with me. I even miss waking Amelia up at night to go potty and giggling at her sleepy confusion.
  11. I need to burn some new mix cd's for driving--I'm so sick of the Black Eyed Peas I could puke.
  12. My fave new lipstick is covergirl tru shine in "petal shine". It's a pale pink/nude color and looks great and natural. And this stuff is really smooth and comfortable. And it doesn't stink. That's important because I hate stinky lipstick.
  13. I made a blog header for someone this week where we had to list around the edges some of her most popular sayings. Then this evening I said something was "fabulous" and Allison pointed out that was one of MY most popular words. lol So I'm wondering--what do you all think are my top "Veronicaisms"? Leave the comment anonymously if you don't want me or anyone else to know who you are--yes, those are truly ANONYMOUS comments.
  14. there was a tie score on the poll regarding how I should redecorate my blog. 3 votes for pink, 3 votes for green and 3 votes for "I like it the way it is". I only know who one of those voters is because those are also anonymous and only one person gave herself up. And what's up with there only being NINE votes? Hello! That's like how much traffic is here every HOUR! And that's all that would vote in a whole week? MOM--you're the only one who has official permission to keep lurking because I know that's how you roll and I'm ok with that, but the rest of you! Hey! Get your butts out here and vote! Geesh! I've made the comments anonymous AND the freakin' polls anonymous so that you can run out, comment or vote as quickly as possible, then scurry right back to your shadows! It's really ok. Should I entice you with some candy or something? lol
  15. I can't think of fifteen today. I should've made it five. lol I wish I had the money to go on vacation while the kids were gone. There that's it. Sorry so unimpressive. Maybe next week will be better. :)


BritGal' Sarah said…
That was me voted for 'Like it the way it is"!

Have a good weekend :-)
DJ's Mama said…
I voted for the page to be green.. DJ likes the color red though.. :)

I like the Friday Fifteen.. I will try to do something like that this weekend..
Shawnda Lee said…
Hmm, a veronicaism?? You say "yo" at the end of things alot, like "I want cereal, yo" haha!! Or "True dat, yo!" I'll have to think of some others and get back to you! haha!!
Allison said…
Yay for people coming out of the shadows! And yay for the friday 15!!
Allison said…
P.S. Your cute little hee hee hee laugh is a Veronicaism too, but that's not really a word....just something cute that I love about you. =)
Kim said…
I voted last week!! But I honestly can't remember what I chose... if I only had a brain....

I enjoyed learning more about you in this post. You know, I HATE stinky lipstick, too!! I've mentioned that to others before, but I think you're the only one who gets what I mean about that one.

You are such a riot, yet very deep at the same time. My favorite kind of person.

And I hope you get over your cold soon.