OCD in da house!

It's not necessarily the packing that's so tiring--it's the sorting AND the packing! One way that I've managed to keep the OCD in check over the years is to AVOID. It boils down to the whole fight or flight instinct--if I don't want to be a full-fledge OCD hot mess every day obsessing over how the spoons are put away (for example), then it's easier to just stay away from it and not pay attention to how it's done. If the fam is willing to do the work, I will just stay out of their way! The problem is that when it comes down to moving time, I have to face head-on the four years of avoidance that I've done. I let them have their way and you know what? They're PIGS!

This has been building up little by little but today there was an obsessive explosion as I started working on kitchen! ECCCHHHH!!! BLAH!!! I just had to get that out of the way. I spent the afternoon and evening with a spong, scrub pad, towel and bleach spray by my side. Every single little thing had to be scrubbed--even things that just came out of the dishwasher! They just weren't washed to my standards. If it was worth it to me, it got washed. If it wasn't, it's out.

The kitchen is REALLY a mess now. I finally threw my hands up in defeat, took a shower and climbed into bed. I'll try more again tomorrow.


Shawnda Lee said…
Aww, poor soapie!! But just think how worth it to you it will be once you're done and here with your babes!!! I'm SO excited!!
Allison said…
Things will feel soooooo much better to get a fresh CLEAN start in your new place!!