I've been tagged--thanks Lisa! :)

I’ve been tagged....
Here you go Lisa!

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 30 weird, random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself.

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1. I analyze. Constantly. Actually, it could probably be classified as worry, but I don't personally feel that way because to me worry means you have doubts about how it will turn out--and I KNOW it's gonna be ok.

2. I am very shy (me too Lisa!) when I don't know you. I have terrible social anxiety. One of my old friends said I come off as "aloof"--which was supposed to be a compliment I think because he said it made me mysterious and attractive. lol

3. I'm a cereal fanatic. I could eat cereal for every meal AND for dessert. lol I'm actually eating a bowl right now!

4. I feel like the worst relative on the earth because I keep 99% of my family at arms length. I've gotten really tired in life of investing in people who don't return the favor and so it's easier to not get too invested than to have one-way relationships.

5. I HATE when people mess with my stuff. Seriously, I don't share well. lol I do when it comes to some things, but most things I want left alone. I don't care if I haven't touched it in six months, I want to know that it is there when I finally need it in exactly the same condition that I left it. Ties in with the whole trust thing and needing my life to be predictable I guess.

6. My pets gross me out. I'm NOT a good pet owner/animal person. I sit in my room with the door shut because the thought of the cats on my bed grooming themselves and dander and ...well, it's just too much to think about. BLAH!

7. Number six should make it obvious to those that don't already know that I have OCD. lol I have done a really good job in life of controlling and hiding it, but it lives with a vengeance in my brain. And germs, gunk, filth, (*hurl*) are the things that get me bad.

8. I secretly listen when people are in the bathroom to hear if they wash their hands when they're done.--OCD I know.

9. I have HORRIBLE allergies (hayfever type stuff--not medications). I've just taken two benadryls and my nose is still running like a faucet.

10. I forget everything....if I don't write it down...it doesn't get done. I actually program EVERYTHING into the calendar of my phone.

11. I tend to avoid church because I'm not sure where I belong. I know that I have the same beliefs as my independent, fundamental Baptist upbringing--but I am so over the judgement and legalism that comes with it that I am inclined to never step foot in another church like that.

12. I am such a horrible singer! lol My voice is awful--but that doesn't stop me.

13. I'm a food-aholic. I could eat day and night.

14. I have the CRAZIEST most vivid dreams. I think that Stephen King has dreams like mine and that's how he writes his short stories. I've often thought about doing the same.

15. I'm a homebody. I NEVER leave my house unless I absolutely have to. It's just not fun for me like it is for most people. When I do get out, I'm counting down the minutes until I can go home.

16. I know that I am married, but I still feel like the one I'm supposed to be with is out there somewhere. I feel guilty about that and I'm afraid of judgement--those are the only reasons i'm still married.

17. I feel very unpretty lately.
18. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke just about as much as I hate germs. It is the nastiest, most putrid smell (and habit) I can think of.

19. I've always been attracted to "pretty boys", but lately the idea of a more rugged bad boy with a tattoo and shaggy hair is so appealling to me. I think I'm wanting a MANLY MAN who can and will protect me and take care of me and make me feel like a feminine woman. I want to smell testosterone from across the room!

20. I wish I was skinner....like I was in High School. But, I lack the motivation to get myself there. (me too Lisa)

21. I am soooooo nosey! lol I am a super snoop and think I should have been a private investigator instead of a nurse--because I'm really good at it.

22. I HATE the sound of someone knocking on the front door. It freaks me out and I usually won't answer it. I have this deep-seated fear that it's the police (don't ask me why, I don't know) or someone wanting money from me or someone from the evil one's family--or the evil one himself. Basically, if you don't call first, please don't come knock on my door.

23. Someone on facebook last week described me as being able to "run a country". I thought that was such a great compliment! Others might not get it, but I do because I truly can juggle 50 things in my life. I can run several businesses (self-taught by googling and reading books), deal with kids, stress, work AND whip out some kick-butt graphics. lol Not tooting my own horn, just acknowledging how hard I work sometimes.

24. If I saw money laying on the sidewalk I'd keep it and not turn it in.

25. I'm a reality show junkie.

26. I've discovered I like sleeping alone. I used to complain that Scott sleeps on the couch most nights, but now when he sleeps in our bed I hate it.

27. I have an aversion to bright colors. My mom jokes and says that my favorite color is "clear".

28. I have no close friends within a 3 1/2 radius of me. Joleen kind of, a few times a year, but other than that none.

29. I'm addicted to the internet. I think it's because that's where my "real" life is since I have no friends or family around here that have anything to do with me. All of my entertainment and friendship is on the computer.

30. Next to my bed within arms reach are always--something to drink (usually water because it doesn't leave a nasty taste in your mouth while sleeping), lotion, chapstick, cellphone, pen, paper.
Ok, I know that was really boring. Sorry people. Here's who's tagged!

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