Moments in time

I've always been a blogger. Being an author only came in the past few years, but I've always been a blogger. Allison and I like to reminisce about back in the 80's when we first met how we were bloggers before the world even knew what that was. We each had a notebook that we would write to each other in all day, every day. We would decorate it, draw pictures, write about our days--Allison would blog mostly about what she would watch on tv and I would blog mostly about boys (lol--not much has changed) and then every church service (Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night) we would exchange the notebooks. We would take them home, read them and then start all over again. It only occurred to us recently that that's what we were doing all along and how neat it was.
Tonight I was reminded big-time of the fact that God created me a writer when I started packing up my office. Over the years I have developed the habit of jotting down thoughts, quips, ideas, song lyrics, quotes, witticisms, etc. whenever and wherever they strike. Doesn't matter if I wake up out of a sound sleep, am at work, am at the grocery story--if it hits me, I write it down. It's always really interesting for me to find these little notes to myself--especially old ones. Sometimes I have totally forgotten ever writing these things and I reinspire myself or even learn some things.
As I was cleaning the office tonight, I ended up not getting any further than the area around my desk because I came across so many of these. I gathered up literally dozens of little notebooks and scraps of papers and ended up sitting for a few hours trying to read through them. It was just too much and I ended up shoving them all in a bag so that I can eventually sit down sometime in the future when we are settled in our new home and transcribe them all into one book.
Aside from the wisdom and inspiration that come from these little notes to myself, I love the fact that when put together these little scraps are a sort of map of my life--each one of them is a little moment in time and a picture of what I was thinking or feeling at that particular time. Wouldn't it be neat if after sticking all of these in a book I could get it published? I think the idea of seeing someone's thoughts and inspiration over time is fascinating. I'd probably be the only one to buy it though because they probably only mean lightbulb moments to me. LOL
Like I said, I found thousands. Here are some from just two pieces of paper:
  • Do you know that you are dearly loved?
  • Don't leave your heart, just leave your mark so I can find you when I need you.
  • I don't want to be captain-trendy-spiritual-writer
  • Dead things are peaceful. If you aren't peaceful then you know there's still a piece of our flesh that needs to die.
  • Most of me--the rest is mine.
  • The burn on my fingers was all that was left of the spark.
  • I'm not ready to confront, I just want to swim in my words this way.
  • Learn that 'I don't know' is a legitimate answer. You say "yes" to all your life questions because you are afraid to disappoint. So you get married, have sex and kids all because you can't say, "I don't know."
  • I am stronger than depression and braver than loneliness.
  • It's a selfishness at his core and his unsurrendered heart that unsettle me.
  • Faith is an action that requires motion.
  • Blog despite the threat of scrutiny.
  • "Tried everything twice...loved it both times."
What kind of notes do you all leave yourselves? Or am I the only crazy one here? lol


Allison said…
"Dead things are peaceful. If you aren't peaceful then you know there's still a piece of our flesh that needs to die."

That's the one that got me...and reminded me that God still has so much more work to do on me. Dying to self. Only by the grace of God.
Allison said…
And no, you aren't crazy. I just don't know what I did with all my little notes over the years. They are probably packed in a box in my garage that someday I will clean out....
sitting in a stack of small notes Rita said…
I love this, but I have to be honest I really thought you were talking about me cuz I so do the same thing. I just moved last year and brought all those notes from 13 years of storing and still haven't went through them. Gotta do that soon. Fire hazard/California if you know what I mean.
Shawnda Lee said…
I loved this blog too :) No, you aren't the only one. I have a little notebook that I carry around in my purse and I jot down things too. There is alot I don't blog. I have done that since jr. high. I have a box somewhere of old notebooks that I used to write in, mostly poetry and songs. I've always loved writing...even if it's just for myself.