SATC faves: Betty Crocker Clinic

In honor of the new Sex and the City movie and resurgence of love for muh girls that I've been feeling the past few days, I have decided to start posting some of my favorite clips from the show from over the years. Some are funny, some are sad, some are just touching or interesting. No matter what though, they are my favorites and they are as much a part of my memories and past as real memories I've had with real friends over the years. I hope you enjoy them. Oh and p.s... Yeah, they say some potty words once in a while--that's just how they roll.


Allison said…
Ok, I can't say that I've ever eaten out of the trash can before.....but girl, that's only because I would have never thrown it away to begin with!!!
Fat girl Rita said…
I SO LOVED THIS!!!! I see myself fighting the same battle now! lol lol while I sit here commenting to your blog eating a chocolate chip cookie at J/K, I'm dieting aka starving myself this week. lol