Friday fifteen

  1. I'm battling my cold turning into bronchitis. I can feel it trying it's hardest to do so. I'm coughing and deep breathing to try and stop it.
  2. Tomorrow is yard sale day again. Say a prayer of good luck for us.
  3. My house is trashed dude! Seriously--packing and sorting does a number on your house!
  4. Sometimes I hate how honest I am. I'm usually pretty good at keeping my mouth closed until confronted or asked about what's bothering me or what I think--then I let it rip. Which leads me to number 5...
  5. My mantra today has been, "Where mercy is shown, mercy is given." I liked myself a lot better when I used to live that out every day. I've changed over the past few years because I've let my circumstances get to me again and I don't like it.
  6. I saw the evil one's scary redneck brother at work today. I don't think he saw me, but not because my awkward stupid butt wasn't obvious. I walked up to a drawer at the nurses station at the same time he walked up to the other side of the counter to talk to another nurse. I kind of freaked and just started spinning in circles trying to figure out where I could hide. I didn't find anywhere so I ducked down behind the counter to pretend that I was digging through the drawer. I looked like an idiot! lol I immediately called Joleen & left her a message saying, "I just say Ira at work--do you think he'll hurt me???" Long story--he has a very sketchy past.
  7. Another dumb fact about me: I'm very pillow specific. I have to have MY pillows and one is fluffier than the other. I have to start out with the fluffy big one and then about half-way through the night I switch to the flatter one. And I'm also a pillow-flipper. I need the cold side of the pillow. I think Scott's passive-aggressive way of getting back at me sometimes it to take my pillow and be sleeping on it before I get home from work.
  8. I think Chris Nunez from Miami Ink is so freakin' hot.
  9. I'm hardly ever on myspace anymore. I didn't think that would ever be possible. lol
  10. I'm afraid of tornadoes and every time there's a watch or a warning I started praying hard.
  11. I don't know HOW I'm going to go back to school full-time in a month. The thought of it is so overwhelming. If God wants me there, he'll fix that in me. If he doesn't I'm quitting for now. I am overwhelmed.
  12. I miss my "Emma Quotes." She's so funny.
  13. Confession: I'm NOT smarter than my 5th grader. lol I heard during the evening prayer at work that the following day was the first day of summer so I called Maddie (because she lives for that kind of stuff). "Do you know what tomorrow is?"
    "The first day of summer, why?" "Oh, I thought I'd surprise you! Ok, do you know what's special about the first day of summer?" "It's the longest day of the year." *cricket, cricket*
  14. My house is for sale in five days. Please pray that we don't end up homeless before all the loose ends are tied up. Thanks.
  15. I've backed off on the gutting of my home in retaliation against the "man". I feel guilty about how prideful I can be and want my motives to be right--and they're not. I'm mad as hell. I know God will be faithful to bring me through that too.


Shawnda Lee said…
Maddie is a smart cookie! I'm hardly on myspace anymore's over rated and this new "I bought you" stuff" is stupid! Praying for the house situation! I am the same way with my pillow!! I have to have my own, but I don't switch them...I do flip mine though!
Allison said…
I love that quote "where mercy is shown, mercy is given." I don't like the conviction that I feel at times that I really need to strive to live in a way that says "even where mercy is not shown, mercy should still be given." That is soooo hard...and impossible without the grace of God.

P.S. I love your girls. =)