Pick your poison

Every person has their own preferences, likes, turn-ons if you will. Some women want to look at George Clooney or Ricky Martin, most men like to look at tramps on porn sites and hide it from their wives (I'm just a little bitter ;) ). What floats my boat? Well, the short-list is *good brain (banter, intelligent conversation), *eye contact and flirting, *physical touch (massage me! anywhere! Not like the mall or something, I mean like an arm, leg or foot). Last but not least, all I need to do is watch Jon & Kate Plus 8. LOL I know that sounds really odd, but this man (Jon, duh) is such a turn on to me! Not necessarily because he's so hot, but because he's so freakin' monogomous and dedicated to his family--even through the rough parts of the day. He works and still comes home and loves his wife and kids. Even when the stress is high and they are arguing, he is still there in the trenches with her--and that lights my fire my friend! :) Kate, you are awesome too, but I want you to know (as if you don't already) that you are a blessed, blessed woman. :)


Allison said…
You are too funny....but of course, I know you laugh sometimes at my "loves" too
I love John and Kate plus 8!!!!

Side note, this has given me a blog idea!!! I'll have to work on that! hehe
DJ's Mama said…
That show makes me feel bad at times. I feel like I could never be as good as a mom that she is. I do get some great ideas for her. I love that she is organized and still yet is able to run the house and have fun with the kids. John cracks me up.. I would love to know what job he does that they can afford all of that... please sign me up..
LOVE the show.. true inspiration
Lost in translation Rita said…
I've never heard of this Kate/8 you speak of...I enter this country on a bubble full of duh...lol