Quick catch-up

It's 6:30 in the morning and I'm exhausted. I thought I'd just drop an extremely quick note to catch everyone up.
  • Maribel is here for the week. Love having her here. Miss her. Am a little overwhelmed that she brought both of her kids plus two extras with her. They're good but still exhausting.
  • Discovered tonight that I'm a bit territorial and don't like to share after she bogarted my laptop for a few hours.
  • Worked--blah. Have to work again tomorrow. Blah again.
  • Discovered I'm broke--again. How does that happen?
  • I love the look of my extensions but am so over them already. It's been about 48 hours, I think I've done pretty good. I hate change.
  • Must be a full moon because work has been stupid crazy--and the heifers on the floor are full of attitude. Bad attitude does not a priority admission make. Learn it. Live it.
  • One of the emergency room doctors (not even one I think is cool) flirted with me tonight. Strangely enough, I wasn't impressed.
  • I'm totally not gonna zippa my lippa for hippa right now--I admitted a guy tonight that says "I'm a NORD patient because I often think I'm a lady, wear dresses and push a babydoll around in a stroller." Nice. I don't know that if I had that problem I'd ever admit it out loud. I'm just sayin'.
Nite y'all. Mwah! xoxoxo vb


jackie said…
that is awesome! i am assuming you were admitting him to 3 since that is the " on your way to psych, must be medically evaluated first, floor". lol I hope i kwasn't one of those horrible heifers! miss ya, love ya!
so how much do extensions cost typically? (feel free to answer me on facebook) I've been wanting to go back to having long hair, but it's taking forever!
Veronica said…
Actually Jackie, it WAS on 3! haha And no, the only time you were one of those horrible heifers was when you made fun of my spelling!! ;) j/k Love ya sister! Hope your job is going good!
Crazy Rita don't get it said…
I'm completely lost with that wacko... One question is the baby you're pushing in a baby carriage his dumb ass? I hope he goes to jail afterward he needs to be locked up for carrying that box of rocks on his shoulders acting as if were his head.
Allison said…
Wish I could have been there with you and Belle....