Quick catch-up

I've gotten several emails and voicemails today wondering what happened at the interviews (because I've been too sleepy to do any blogging today). So I decided to peel myself off of the sheets before I have to go to work and update everyone.
  • Interviews went really, really good. The first one was with my future (hopefully) boss. At the beginning she said, "I'm looking for someone with that fire in her belly" and at the end she said, "Don't be nervous about tomorrow--just be yourself and you're going to do fantastic because you have that fire and they're going to love you." I thought that was nice. :) So the next morning I had another interview with all the managers in the hospital (being a supervisor position I have to work with all of them). They had a HUGE packet of questions they had to ask me and by about 3/4 of the way through the one lady looked at the others and said, "Do we even need to continue this? Because I think she's fantastic!" And they all agreed and called it quits. They then shook my hands and said they thought I was a perfect fit and went to get me a diet coke from the executive lounge (whereas before they just offered me water--I am SO in there! lol j/k). The final interview was a peer interview and as I suspected--they were the toughest! The day before as I was figuring out to wear, I was trying to explain to Allison that the nurses would be the roughest on me because they like to devour their own. lol And I was right--to a point. By the end they were kind of ok, but at first they were hard-asses! They came in and sat there with folded arms looking at me like, "You think you're better than us?". Hopefully they liked me ok. I seriously couldn't tell.
  • I still don't know what I'll be making. I'm in negotiations with human resources because the first number they came back at me with would actually be a pay CUT by a few dollars from what I'm making now. I don't think so. She had forgotten that she had already let it slip what I would make there as a floor nurse with my experience and it is the SAME number she just gave me for this! I called her on it and told her no way and she said she would go to her boss and rework it and call me back.
  • The trip was good but Scott was sick. It started over a week ago and he insisted it was food poisoning. I thought it was withdraw from a med he had run out of. A week later it was still going on and he was getting worse. It takes A LOT to impress me and make me worry about someone's health and yesterday afternoon I was worried. I told him as soon as we got back I was taking him to the hospital. I started praying big-time because between you & me (since he never reads this) I had visions of him dying. I KNOW he had some kind of a bowel obstruction and every tiny bump in the road he was screaming in pain. He was cold and clammy and throwing up often--he just wasn't good. He kept falling asleep in the car (which just does not do) and I kept looking over to make sure he was still breathing. He was oblivious to the seriousness of it though (as usual) and was flat out refusing to go to the hospital which was ticking me off and so I started thinking, "fine! go home and die in your sleep if that's what you want!" Luckily, soon after we got home things started moving along (literally lol) and today he still doesn't feel good, but he's getting better.
Ok, I'm off to work now. This is gonna be a rough night because I'm exhausted (still). I don't feel good and my fatigue is at like a level 10. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who was and is praying for me! I appreciate it so much and I ask that you please keep it up! :)


Allison said…
Good thing you told them that your favorite color is RED!!! You owe it all to Emma!!!!
Kim said…
I'm sorry to hear about Scott. I am praying that he'll recover completely AND not be so doggone stubborn.

And congrats on your new job! I didn't even know you were looking for one... my apologies for not being on your blog in so long.