Feel better

Ok, anyone who was watching a live feed of this blog would probably not know whether to be laughing or worried at the spectacle that is my emotions tonight. lol FYI (for those who don't know by now): when I PMS, I don't get bitchy--I just get D-E-P-R-E-S-S-E-D! Depressed and emotional...hence the fifty blogs posted tonight ranging from awww, to I hate him!, to I love him so much!, to isn't this funny?, to screw it--I'm done. LOL Yeah, I kind of become Sybil--but the good news is that it usually only lasts for about 24 hours, so we do have that going for us (meaning me, of course--and the other PMS voices in our head). ;)

At crazy times when I'm really upset, there are always a few songs that make me feel better no matter what. The movies that make me feel better would be Elf (You don't smell like Santa, you smell like beef & cheese!) and When Harry Met Sally (Pecan Piiiieeee). Here are a few of the songs--some of them are totally corny & some of them are Christmas songs (I know, shut up!)--but they are MY feel better songs and you're just not aloud to talk smack about someone else's feel better songs! And no, there aren't any Christian songs in there and that's because he makes me sentimental and I end up crying again. lol Feel better with me, won't you? :) Love ya! No I don't! Yes I do! Just kidding. :) Ok, I'm done now.

Or am I? Ok! I am! Sheesh! Quit throwing shit at me already!!


Kim said…
OH... how I understand that kind of PMS. I really feel for you and am sorry you had to go through that... but I LOVED your post and can identify so much with it. And when you mentioned When Harry Met Sally (Pecan Piiiieeee) I about died - I LOVE that line!!! And it ALWAYS makes me laugh, as do many lines from that movie. And YOU make me laugh, even when you're in the pit of depression. I hope you're feeling better now and were able to get some good rest. And I loved your list of songs. Sometimes Christmas tunes are just the thing to bring you out of a funk (or at least to make you giggle a little in the midst of it). Writing is the best therapy! I'll look forward to more PMS posts. :-)
Rita other PMS voice thats throwing shit at ya said…
Okay you have to do one of these for me with nothing but Fleetwood Mac those songs bring back so many memories and I really don't have a good one so here I go again crying like a baby!