Emma quote of the day

Missing my Emma quotes like I have been, my mom called me with one today. And it's a doozy! lol The other day my mom was signing Emma up for a daycamp at the local park. Emma was SO excited about it and then out of the blue later that afternoon, she called me at work:
"Mommy, I need you to PLEASE say lots of prayers for me about tomorrow! I'm so scared."* bordering of tears*
"Why are you scared? You love to swim!"
"I don't know. What if I get too close to the edge and drown? What if no one comes to pick me up? What if something bad happens?"
I assured her that I would pray extra hard for her (which I did) and told her it would all be ok, then asked to talk to grandma. I asked her to please make sure Emma really wanted to go because something was up--my baby just called me to REQUEST PRAYER!! lol
Well, my mom tells me tonight that the day they were filling out the application for daycamp, Amelia had been reading the application to herself beforehand. Later she came to my mom seemingly scared to death and nervous, wringing her hands--the whole bit.
"Grandma, what does this mean on here where it says, 'sex'?"
"Here where it says, 'sex'."
"Oh! That just means whether you're a boy or a girl."
*Obviously relieved* "Oh! 'Cause I thought it meant...you know."
Poor girl!!! No wonder she was requesting prayer! lol Her little 7-year-old brain was probably scared to death! lol


Shawnda Lee said…
Poor Emmy!! She is too imaginative for her own good!!
Allison said…
Awww, poor terrified Emma!! Too bad that terror of sex doesn't last longer than it does. Before long it will be YOU in terror over the s word!!