Catch up blog

Can we all have a moment of silence for the passing of---PMS. People I said SILENCE, NOT APPLAUSE!!! Ok, just kidding...clap away yo! :) Yeah, it's probably not totally gone but the skies are looking clear and blue--not clouds today.
Scott & I had a wonderful day together. I feel like maybe I'm living an episode of "My Name is Earl" in that the past few nights I've done something good (that I consider good at least) and now karma is rewarding me. The past few nights I was struggling in a bad way and I wrote out heartwrenching and/or scathing blogs to someone who I feel has been tormenting/haunting me lately. Every night though, no matter how strong my battle cries refusing to hit the delete key, by about 5am God got ahold of me and there I was being obedient and getting rid of it. My flesh may not be happy, but God rewards obedience nonetheless. So here's a rundown of what's new current and good.

  • My lupus is being a pain in the butt. I've had to call off work a few times. I think it's a mix of the stress and the rain. I'm feeling a little better thanks to Prednisone and have to be heading back to work tomorrow no matter what because I do need at least something resembling a paycheck.
  • Scott & I got up early today (not by human standards, but by mine) and went to Cracker Barrell for "breakfast". It took me by surprise when paying the bill that the cashier said, "Have a good evening." LOL
  • After that we headed to Trader Joes for a few supplies: sushi, veggie chips, mini chocolate meringues, etc. SOOOO GOOD.
  • I got some of Amelia's room sorted out for the yard sale and moving. I got a little depressed because it made me miss the kids. With the folding of every little-girl shirt or nightie I missed my little ones more and more.
  • Tonight was spent with some madatory cuddle time whether my husband liked it or not. lol If he even thought about protesting I made him rub my back. :)
  • Now he just made me some pasta (yeah, I know it's midnight, but that's like lunchtime to me!) and I'm watching some DVR recordings of Hell's Kitchen (or "the bad place's kitchen" according to Amelia), Intervention, The Mole, Beach Patrol, TMZ & Psychic Investigators--all the quality life changing programming available to me. ;)

Hope everyone else had a good evening and know that I love you all! Hope you're all having a peaceful, loving evening--even the "ghost of Veronica past".


Just plain ole fat Rita said…
I had a great evening, especially my surprise phone call... I really needed a good laugh which I got! Thanks!
Shawnda said…
Emma is too funny!! Her title for Hell's emmy!! It's nice to hear that you and Scott have had some sweet time together....I hate moving so I feel for ya on that!! Thanks for catching us up! Love you!
Allison said…
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Relief!!! So glad you had a peaceful day!!! =) Love you too!!!!