My wedding (a survey)

**This did NOT start out to be a smack-talking session about my husband. Please believe that. Normally I wouldn't have even posted this publically, but someone challenged me to a survey and since my motto has always been honesty at all costs, here it is. I started out by watching our wedding video and getting all teary-eyed and emotional about it while thinking, "I really DO love him!" Then as the questions went on, truth is what truth is. Anyone close to us know all about the hell that has been my life the past two years. I pray for it to get better--I really can see him trying every day. I can say that for sure. The problem is that so much damage has already been done, it will take a long time for his account to leave the negative and become positive. As long as he keeps taking steps forward I'll hang in there. I really hope he does.

Marriage Date: 11/12/06
Location: Vermilion on the Lake Clubhouse
Honeymoon location: None yet, unfortunately. Does a night at the Holiday Inn count?
When did you start living together? A few weeks before the wedding.
How was the wedding? The most lovely, divine thing I've ever seen! The pictures and video just don't do it justice.
Give four descriptors of your wedding: Intimate, twinkle lights, candles, fall.
How old were you when you first met? 14
How old were they when you first met? 16
Was it love at first sight? Lust misunderstood.
When did you realize you were in love? When 15 years later I was still searching for him.
When did they realize they were in love?1988
Did you fight for your love? Am still fighting. Unfortunately, the wedding was more lovely than the marriage has been. But I haven't given up just yet.
Did you hide your love? No
Who proposed? He did.
How fast did the relationship lead to marriage? Too fast? 6 months.
Future: Taking it one day at a time at this point. I love him. I'm loyal. That counts for a lot.
Children: Four is enough!
Pet(s): Two cats: Daphne and Daisy (I was rooting for Daphne and Velma, but I lost)
Car(s): A soccer-mom van for now.
Home: He moved into mine and now we're about to move somewhere else.
Is it for life? Under normal circumstances, yes... at this point we'll see. I'm thinking for better or forget it is more like it.
Will you share opinions? Yes, as long as his aren't stupid.
Will you be faithful? Too much so.
Will they be faithful? Who knows.
Nickname for them? "Lasagna"--he doesn't know about it and it's a long story. lol
Nickname for you? none
Why did you give them that nickname? That's for another time and blog. lol
Why did they give you that nickname? You mean the LACK of nickname? Because he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body.
Did you see each other before wedding day? Yes. Maybe that's why we're having bad luck.
Do you have a song? "Echoes of Eden" by Steven Curtis Chapman
Do you have a special word(s)? nope
What do your parents think of them? They take him as he is and hope for the best.
What do their parents think of you? He doesn't have any (big cheesy grin! lol Does that sound bad?)
Who has your back from their family? His ex-wife Tami! haha
Who has their back from your family? Everyone--but it's getting tough.
Have you hurt them? Not really.
Have they hurt you? OOOOOOH BOY! Is that a loaded question!

Have you spent hours on the phone just listening to them breathe? Yes, mostly because he passed out drunk and I was afraid he was going to die.
Do you enjoy the sound of their voice? Gosh, honesty sucks!!! Not really.
What do you think of their voice? Finger-nails on a chalkboard.
Do they enjoy the sound of your voice? What's not to love? lol j/k I hope so but who knows.
Their best feature (according to you): Physically, his eyes. Personality, his hospitality.
Your best feature (according to them): Eyes, smile, hair, curves (from his mouth, not mine! lol)
What made you fall in love with them? I was bamboozled--and I'm not joking. lol Total bait-and-switch.
What made them fall in love with you? My checkbook?
Would you do Anything for them? No. Man, if ever I was a liar this would be the time!
Would they do Anything for you? He isn't even getting the basics covered, let alone move into the "anything" category!
If someone you trust told you something bad about them, who would you believe? Probably the friend.
If someone they trust told them something bad about you, who would they believe? There's no telling, but hopefully me. I've never been disloyal to him or given him any reason not to.
Do you believe in giving all of yourself & share all with them, or to each his own? It should be 100/100--teamwork all the way.
Do they believe in giving all of themselves & share all with you, or to each his own? No, he believes in keeping everything to himself and taking all of mine too.
Does age matter? Not once you get to this age.
If they cheated, would you forgive? Oooo, ouch. I don't know. It really depends on how good the rest of the relationship was and if they were truly repentant. As it stands right now, no way.
If you cheated, would they forgive? Yes, because he'd give up his lifestyle if he didn't.


Rita the two face (yours & his) said…
I'm going both ways on this V. I'm crying watching the video and I'm relating reading your
Your wedding was spectacular! I didn't even realize how big and beautiful it was.
Wishing everyday could be this day Rita said…
I came back to view this video I'm in a sensitive way tonight and couldn't get enough, really I think it was beautiful and I wish I coulda been there... xxoo
Shawnda Lee said…
Aww, love you. It really was a beautiful wedding.
Allison said…
Loved that beautiful day. Sad for the "now"