Even more than Google searches...

Even more than Google search results, I love watching the crazy names that my friend Rita comes up with for herself whenever she leaves a comment. LOL Here is a list of just some of the names that have made me laugh:
  • Blonde roots Rita
  • Single Rita and loving it
  • FanfXXXingtabulous Rita/wishing I was Samantha
  • Out of towner Rita
  • The stalker Rita
  • Fat girl Rita
  • The old F...ing word Rita
  • The old bag not feeling like Samantha but Rita
  • Sitting on a shroom myself Rita
  • Weeping Rita
  • Lost in translation Rita
  • Crazy Rita don't get it
  • Going into SATC detox Rita
  • Wanting to be adopted Rita
  • Rita who is still trying
And the list goes on and on and on. She is so crazy and so awesome! :) She never fails to entertain me.


Speechless for a change Rita said…
Veronica said…
I love you friend. :)
Allison said…
Awwww, I love Rita!! She's got some great names on my blog too!!!