I'm sitting here eating my chinese food (yeah diet schmiet) and watching some DVR shows that I have recorded. I find myself migrating to certain shows when in certain moods and today I'm watching a lot of "Intervention."
For those who have not seen this show, it's a show about addicts of all sorts--meth, crack, alchohol, prescription meds, gambling, etc. and the destruction that these addictions wreaks on not only their lives but the lives of their families. Some of the stories are so sad and unfortunately so familiar. Having grown up surrounded by addiction (alcoholism, drugs--you name it), these situations and the feelings they bring are so real to me. I am (to my own detriment) drawn to addicts because that is what I recognize, but at the same time I hate it so much. The fact that I am a nurturer and a caretaker has become something that I resent instead of seeing it as the blessing that it really is because it has been wrongly used in my life.
The other reason that this hits home so much for me is that I know what it's like to look that demon in the face. Having gone through all of the horrible things in my life, I have been tempted to drown my sorrows into numbness just like any other person has. The fact that I know how strongly addiction runs in my family is one of the main things that has saved me. It's a door that I'm scared to death to even open. That's why I can honestly say that I have NEVER done drugs--not even once in my life. I'm honest enough to admit that it's not because I've never been curious or tempted, but because I have seen too many times where that road leads and I'm afraid that once I step foot on the path that I won't be able to get off of it.
I remember a point during the first months after finding out that the evil one had been hurting my daughter and he had been sent to prison. I was left reeling in such a wake of destruction and grief and I kept wondering how in the world to people get through these sorts of things that don't have Jesus? How? One time when I pondered this out loud to someone they came back with the simplest of answers but yet it was so proufound and was a lightbulb moment for me. They said, "they numb their pain with drugs or alcohol." Yep. I can see it now. Addicts aren't mean, horrible people--they are hurting people. Hurting people hurt other people. And while I won't allow addiction close enough to me to hurt myself or my family, I will help carry that burden down the road of recovery--and that's because Jesus carries me and my burden.
Anyways, what I really love about this show is that it doesn't stop at the negative. It doesn't just show the sin and destruction finishing with a big screen that says, "Wow that sucks doesn't it?" No, it goes on to show how the family and friends of this person in trouble band together to bear this persons burden and hold an intervention for the addict. They then offer them a gift of treatment.
I'm not sure that I've seen anyone turn down the treatment that's offered. Well, I've seen plenty turn it down, but never for long. Usually within a few minutes they reconsider and take the offer--because (in my opinion) we may all have a sin nature, but we are all created in the image of God and therefore whether we want to acknowledge it or not, there is still a place inside every one of us that wants to do the right thing. I love how this show not only shows the struggle, but then shows the victory. Even the music changes at the end to a lighter sound and it shows the person after they've come through treatment--some more successfully than others, but all more enlightened and most successfully. They then also show the family reunion and the joy that comes with a surrendered heart and desire to live right.
Today a few "update" shows had recorded and those always bless me the most because they show down the road the beauty that can come from people bearing each others burdens and also the beauty of surrender. Only God can turn beauty to ashes like that--He is so good. The knowledge that life after addiction is possible is also what helps me to stick around and help out those that I love. Not in an enabling kind of way, that's not what I mean. Don't get me wrong--I have NO tolerance for addiction. I want no part of it. But I WILL stand by you and help you to get better. I will help bear your burden as you take steps forward and I hope that you will bear mine.
I love that this show displays another way of being--a clean, sober, happy, healthy, trustworthy and productive way of being. It's an encouragment and you don't see that very often on tv today.


Allison said…
I have often wondered the same thing -- how in the world can anyone get through life with all its pain and struggle and devastation without the hope and peace found only in Jesus?? Makes me thankful for His hand of protection and guidance on my life, even when it seems like at times things are spinning out of control. Thanks for this blog, Veronica. It reminds me to pray a little more fervently for those I know who are struggling through life without the Lord.
Anonymous said…
I used to watch Intervention, I actually used to go to Al-Anon & AA, yes I was an alcoholic but only after I went to the classes I then became a coke/speed/pot smoker. I was raised to know there was a God but when that venom of alcohol and drugs hits the system, you see, hear, recognize nothing and none of the good is in your system at that point well at least to the point where I was.
For those of us who were strong enough to look in the mirror and see death and find fear and climb out of the hole we were in, we are now here non addicted and believing, holding on to our individual higher power to carry us through all our heartaches and all the destruction we put ourselves and others through.
I think you are a wonderful person to not enable but to lend a shoulder when that person needs a hand.
Some people like my ex has the addict monster in him he's been in and out of rehab various times.
If he doesn't feed that monster with Gods word the monster grows and grows and then consumes everything about him and he's out on the street scoring that dope, (please forgive me God if I wasn't strong enough to deal with his abuse towards me & my child) I recognized he was a wolf in sheeps clothing, it was time for me to leave the flock to the grand Shepherd. Am I making any sense?
Shawnda Lee said…
I watch "Intervention" alot too. In fact, one of my old High School friends was on their because she has anorexia so I watched the show about her. It was wild seeing her and how thin she was. I thought about sad it was that she was going through such pain and knowing that the greatest source of strength was Christ and yet she didn't know that. I am so thankful for salvation and I'm amazed everyday at the mercy of God.