Crash and burn

The girl who never sleeps? She fell into a COMA tonight! I kind of feel bad because it was about 8 or 8:30--I don't even know really, but all I remember is laying on the bed trying to check my email. Amelia was snuggled next to me watching tv and she reached over and started rubbing my back--and the rest is history. lol I remember her waking me up and saying, "Mommy, you're laptop is still open." I asked her if she could close it and put it on the floor--then out again. I didn't tuck her into bed, I didn't get ANY cleaning done for the house full of company I'm getting tomorrow. Don't be foolish enough to think that the other three people who live here would've done anything, because psshhhhh right! Anyways, like I said I felt kind of bad for just leaving Amelia to herself to get into bed and what-not, but it was so beyond my control. It was like a someone slipped a mickey into my diet coke or something. LOL

I woke up at about 1:30 and stumbled out to take Amelia potty---and her room was empty (*assume freaking out now*). I look over and her window is unlocked and her shade is up and all I can think of is Elizabeth Smart and started beating myself up for falling asleep like a normal human being. I rushed back to Maddie's room (she's at camp right now so Courtney is sleeping in there) and threw on the light. There she is curled up next to Courtney in bed. I let out the biggest sigh of relief and woke them up to get the little one out of the bed. Courtney said that Emma had been too afraid to sleep by herself and so she slept with Court. At the same time that I was relieved, I was so irritated with both Courtney and Scott. I FINALLY fell asleep and they couldn't even take up the slack for a few hours. When I tucked Amelia into her own bed, I asked her if she had even picked out her clothes for the morning--NOPE. Nothing. I hurried up and grabbed something for her and then walked out into the living room to see Scott's moldy lasagna (long story---maybe another blog) ass passed out on the couch and felt like pouring a pan of cold water on him. I felt bad for Courtney because she doesn't feel good, so I got her a heating pad and some motrin and sent her to bed. She did something that I haven't seen her do in--well, I can't remember when. She turned around before getting into bed and said, "Thank you Mom, I love you." *Speechless*


Allison said…
Awww, I love your girls. =)

P.S. And I'm so glad you finally got some good sleep. It must have been in the air. I went to bed last night at 11:30 which is waaaaay early for me!!
Weeping Rita said…
I love you too wonderful to get good sleep and good love from your babygirl