This weeks odd google hits

  1. I love you more than quotes
  2. Chill out Francis (this is turning out to be quite popular actually lol)
  3. corey haim feldman rape molest
  4. Wedding pork chops
  5. what does febreeze powder and pamper smell like
  6. girl interrupted tshirt
  7. hoops and yoyo tshirt
  8. corey feldman best friend molested (came from encino, ca...wonder if it was someone famous? lol)
  9. corey haim, corey feldman, argue over molestation (ok people, get over it already!!)
  10. tv megacode sky (wtf?)


Allison said…
yeah, seriously, what is tv megacode sky?
Shawnda Lee said…
Oh yeah, you say "chill out francis" alot too, fyi. Ironic isn't it? haha!