This world we call C R A Z Y

Ok, I get home from a long day of driving and I open my email--to find fifty (much-appreciated btw) comments from Rita responding to my crazy, hormonal-hazed PMS posts from last night. LOL Each one was getting crazier and crazier with each post which was cracking me up, but at least she recognized it too when she said, "Thanks for pulling me into this world we call C R A Z Y!" LOL

As far as the other questions you asked Rita--"hv" is short for have. DUH. lol Do you need to know what that means too? ;) j/k how about that one? I'm just playing. I was in the van texting. Who wants to spell crap out that they don't have to when they're texting? That's how I roll--work with me sister!

And no, unfortunately no vacay. Some people celebrate the running of the bulls every year, I celebrate the dropping off of the children at various places for the summer! haha Wait, you hear that? ME NIETHER! That's because I am child-free and living like a rock star for at least a whole month my friend! *Big cheesy grin*

Today we drove to West Virginia to drop the kids off at my parents house. My visceral reaction is still the same as it always is. When we first enter the state I think how pretty it is and by the time I get to their house I'm cussing like a sailor and saying, "Who would live here ON PURPOSE???" As long as they like it I suppose.

So anyways, the girls (who I already miss terribly actually) are there for a month. Courtney is at Maribels for who knows how long and Darren is with his dad permanently. The sad part for me is that I always have so much to do and so little money to do anything else with during this time every year, so I never really get to enjoy it. Bummer. BUT--or should I say BUTT? lol I came home and am walking around in my tshirt and underwear! Know why? BECAUSE I CAN! I never get to relax like that anymore! :)

Ok, the question and answer portion of this blog is officially over for the night. Enough about YOU! Time to get back to ME! ;) J/K-- you know I can't get enough of your love baby! :) Nite all! lol


Trying to work with my sista V, Rita said…
And you know I'm sitting here waiting for this blog to clear shit up...oops who's the sailor now chica? lol Okay got the Hv and Maggie...okay I got the dropping of the kids in their prespective locations part too. Hope you have underwear under
Glad you're home and safe too.
Happy for you that you're on kid vacay at home but I'm starting to miss them!!!!
Rita whos Loving my tired ass crazy sista V said…
I forgot something...

Now back to you V! lol
Shawnda said…
Seriously, you and Rita are nuts!!