Poor Carl :(

I just broke the news to my best platonic man-friend that I'm moving away. He didn't take it so well. Basically, he ended up doing the "Fred Sanford" and clutching his chest. lol There was a lot of cussing--f-bombs in particular--and a lot of "Oh my gosh I'm having chest pains...I gotta sit down." Bless his heart for loving me so much! I offered to let him have my family move in with him since he wanted us to stay in this area and that turned him 'round real quick. lol I was told, "No no no no honey. That would NOT be good for us. Because you'd live like a fool and I'd have to put you out." hahaha He quickly reverted to thinking he was having a stroke after he asked, "So when do you plan to do all of this?" And I answered about 3 weeks. Yeah, he didn't handle that so well.
I had planned on having a farewell party before we go, but figured after this yard sale I might not have any furniture, appliances or even countertops to set things on, it might not be a good idea. lol So he wants to take me out this weekend. He wanted to go clubbing and I told him I don't think I'm up for all that right now. He responded with calling me an old broken-down crippled biaaatch. I then responded with asking him if he wants to be the kettle or the pot today. I'm gonna miss him so much. I always joke with him that he's going to marry me (even though I'm already married--mostly because the LIKELIHOOD of him marrying anyone--let alone ME is way out there). So I teased him that of course I'd keep in touch, especially since he's my baby daddy and that really especially since we're almost married. He was like, "WHAT?" I said yeah Carl, I've been wifey for over five years now--only another year and a half and I'm going to be common-law. He responded with, "Oh hell!" lol


Allison said…
Too funny!! I love Carl. =)
Shawnda Lee said…
That's hilarious!! haha!! Gotta love Carl!