These are a few of my favorite things

When I walked Amelia to her bus stop this morning I looked over into a neighbors yard and saw all these little purple flowers starting to bloom and it made me so happy. There was a beautiful blue sky, the trees are starting to bud,birds were chirping...and now there were purple flowers. My entire soul seemed to smile.

So when I came home I went to crawl into bed and I smiled again and I started thinking about all of the little things that make me happy. I don't even know how many I'll be able to list because things like that we tend to take for granted and not even notice. But they are so important! God is in the details...and those are the things that make my soul I'd better start paying closer attention! :)

1. Clean sheets. This has to be my favorite thing in the whole world. When sheets are fresh and still crisp and tight. Nice and cool. I can't sleep on sheets that have been on for more than a couple of days... I toss and turn all night (dumb I know). And I can't stand flannel sheets...or that t-shirt material stuff. blah! Nice, clean, crisp, cool linen. :)

2. The sound of the wind chimes on my back deck when it's nice enough to have the doors and windows open.

3. The view from my bedroom in the summer when the back flower bed is in full bloom. It's been here since we moved in and has a bird house in it that my step-dad built to match the house when it was blue and black. It's still the same and it reminds me of being a teenager.

4. A stocked refrigerator. There were so many years that we didn't have much money for food and the fridge was always bare. So now when my refridgerator is stocked it makes my soul take a sigh of relief and I actually sleep better at night.

5.The collection of angels in my room. I've been collecting angels since I was just a wee-little-one and over the years the collection has gotten weaned down. Some have broken....some I just didn't like. Friends and family still give me little ones for special occassions and so the ones that I have now all mean something to me and they are all precious to me.

6. A man that smells really good. Nothing like it. Mmmmmmmm.

7. Being touched. I love to be touched! If I were rich I'd pay someone to rub on me all day long. LOL But it's the hands of people who love kids, my friends, my lover....that I love the most. The way someone uses their hands to touch speaks volumes about how they feel about you and their character.

8. The fall. Oh I loooooooooooove the fall! Everything about it! The romantic crispness of the air, the colors, the that's a good one!

9. My mulled cider candles. I don't know what it is about this scent but it does something to me! I love, love, love this scent. It's my favorite and I know it sounds dumb, but I swear sometimes when I open the jar just to smell it I almost cry! No joke. It moves me.

10. Watching my kids sleep. This is like the reset button for myself as a parent. They aren't fighting, arguing, sassing, disobeying, or being nasty in any sense. They just are. They are at peace and are being still. And they are so beautiful it makes me fall in love with them all over again. You know the Bible says that God watches us while we sleep too. I wonder if it's for the same reasons. I bet it is.

What little things make you happy? Surround yourself with them! Count the blessings in every day and just breathe and...................SMILE.