Na na na na, gonna have a good time

This is going to be a GREAT week! :) First of all, I'm off work till Thursday...yeehaw! Tonight I'm just maxin and relaxin. Exactly what I need after that hard weekend. I'm getting frustrated though because I keep getting booted off of my network. That hasn't happened for a few months and it's getting really irritating. The weather is bad here, wonder if that has anything to do with it?

Then tomorrow I GET TO GO OUT DANCING!!!! Yeah baby! First, we're thinking about going to "gong show karaoke"....which sounds like the funniest thing in a long time. LOL Carl is trying to get one of the girls from work to go that thinks she is the best singer ever (reality no....HORRIBLE). The worst part is that she really gets into it. I mean she's up there breakin it down people. And meanwhile everyone else is sitting there with their fingers in their ears until she's done. But it IS funny as hell. I told him that would be really mean to set her up that way...but that just made it sound even better to him. He wants to see her get gonged.

After that we're going dancing. Yay! I haven't been dancing in MONTHS! I'm due! Get your booty on the dance floor...shake that thang! :) I wonder if Carl will cook for me after we go out like he normally does??? He called me at work this morning because he was too busy to come up and visit me. He was joking that I need to stop complaining about what J. did because he (Carl) never gets the privelege of getting hit on. lol I told him that if he wants to get hit on he has to stop taking me (his platonic girlfriend) on dates. LOL The last time we went out someone thought we were a couple. HAHAHAHAHAHA Anyways, hopefully a bunch of our "gang" will be going out....gonna be a blast. If you're in the warehouse district tomorrow night look for us! :)

Then on Friday I get to go out of town for two days. Who's the lucky girl??? :) Not sure where we're going yet. Our reservations fell through when we tried to reschedule them. But we're gonna work something out. Finally a great week! :)