The Great American Songbook

Mmmmmm, I still have goosebumps all over my body after watching American Idol tonight. They had to choose songs from the great American songbook aka "standards" aka my favorite music! What is it about that music that moves me so? It is in my blood. It's in every breath that I take. When I hear those songs sometimes it moves me so much that it takes my breath away and I get teary eyed. It's the music that I hear when I dream and it's the soundtrack to my life. Most people "don't get it" and my kids roll their eyes whenever it's playing lol, but that's okay it doesn't bother's just who I am. I remember as a teenager working at Cedar Point. The place that we had to collect our paychecks was above the big arcade and it just so happened to be the site of the old big band ballroom. Besides the tacky modern-looking chairs and trash cans set up in there (they do alot of training sessions up there now...the picture is up top) I think it probably looks exactly the same as it did in the 30's and 40's. I would sometimes just stand there and stare with a "glorified imagination"(as my pastor used to call it...really letting yourself experience something) going wild. I could see the stage filled with the swing orchestra and the dance floor filled with ladies in their finest dancing with men dressed to the nines. I could see the cigarette girl with the tray around her neck passing through the crowd. I can hear the sound of the band....the sweet sounds of the singing. The smell of heavy perfume and cigars in the air. The art deco style might be faded now, but I bet it was glorious back then. Man I was born in the wrong time!

I am glad that my kids have been exposed to this genre of music. Most people have never been exposed to it and so don't know much about it or aren't sure what to make of it. They don't appreciate it, that's for sure. But tonight as we watched the show more than once I heard one of my kids say something like "wow, that was a really good rendition of that song". They've heard it played so much they can recognize a good version. lol What really got their attention though was when they heard "That's All". All I heard erupting around the living room was "THIS WAS ON THE WEDDING SINGER!!! HOW COOL!!!" lol Then it was my turn to roll my eyes. They didn't care that it's one of the best songs ever sang, the fact that it was on an Adam Sandler movie is what impressed them. lol That's okay though...whatever gets it out there and makes them listen to it. :)

What amazed me is that everyone on the show seemed to do FANTASTIC!! Except for Kelly...she was really pitchy...but other than that I was soooo impressed. Those can be tough songs to sing and they all did a really, really good job. Tonight made me think way back to my favorite A.I. moment...when Kelly Clarkson sang "Stuff Like That There" (one of my faves). I have no idea who's going to be voted off tomorrow. What do you guys think?