Somewhere over the rainbow

Well my morning started off with Tim commenting on my blog that he was surprised that I would put such personal things on here. So I deleted it. Why? Because I'm the NICE girl. Always the nice girl. Well, fat lot of good being the nice girl ever gets me....guys usually stick around for a couple of months and then take off for some chick that is more rough around the edges. I just need to be more of a bitch.

Then I get a message from another friend, who I know was only meaning well when he said " U need to put your blog back to what it was!! some guys get a sick injoyment out of seeing people hurt!!!." Well screw it. I'm not changing another damn thing. I deleted things for Scott because they gave too much detail and Kim might find out we were friends again...well, didn't work did it FRIEND??? She still saw on your phone bill that you drunk-dial me in the middle of the night and now you can't talk to me because you got in trouble anyways right??? (Or did you throw me under the bus like you did last time and try to make it look like it was all MY fault?) And now I deleted this for Tim when there wasn't even anything bad in there. Nothing that put him in a negative light.

Maybe this is the blog I should post on here and then just re-post it everyday....

Today was a PERFECT day!!! I woke up feeling well-rested and made my perfect children a well-balanced breakfast. Then the weather was so beautiful I took them on a picnic! We had the best time and nobody fought or argued the whole time. I never have that problem with my children....they get along perfectly all the time. I've never been so happy. I have no feelings to get out or issues to deal with. Know why? Because I'm perfect! And my hair and makeup always looks great by the way. So then we came home and I tucked the kids into their beds in their clean rooms and got to go to bed myself...because I'm rich and I never have to work again! :)

No people...this is a blog. It's for celebrating, sharing, venting and occassionally BARFING all over. It is the only venue I have to get my feelings out before I explode from obsessing on them. Sometimes it's nasty stuff on here. Don't read it if you don't want to see it. And by the way...I NEVER put anything too personal on here. Especially when it's about someone else. There is alot I could've put on here Tim....but I do censor myself without yours or anyone elses help. But don't's gone. You're a great person and I'm sorry if I put anything on here that you considered too personal.