Carl's right, I am a freak beacon

I cannot believe the nerve of some people!!! I normally don't chat with people on here or anyone else that I don't know because...well, just because they're wierd. Or perverted. But lately I've been thinking I'm just too stuck in my up and get out there. Right? WRONG! There's a guy I've been chatting to named Ron (NO NOT THAT RON! LOL). He's from NYC and he's been sweatin me big time. I talked to him for a couple of weeks just because he seemed like a nice guy and he was awake in the middle of the night like I am sometimes. It's never been anything even remotely flirty. Just plain conversation.

My first alarm bell went off a week or so ago (and what do you think I did? That's right...I ignored it.). We were talking about how I work nights and have to sleep during the day. First he said something about me needing to change that. No big deal. But then he kept on....more and more persistent. And even though you can't really tell tone on messenger...I got the vibe from him. I lived with an abusive prick for far too long. He started saying things like, "No, Veronica listen to me. You're gonna change that." So I'd respond with some remark such as , "Oh I am? Am I? And why would that be? What do you care what time I go to bed?" He would quickly change the subject and say something funny, etc. And other comments he made really rubbed me wrong. He seemed very judgemental at times and quite rigid and controlling. But then he'd be cool again. I've just started to get an uneasy feeling from him so I've been invisible to him for a few days. So tonight I guess I forgot to go invisible or change my status message when I went to watch t.v. BIG F***ING DEAL!!! Right? I mean if you i.m. someone and they don't respond, they either don't want to talk to you or they're not there. Am I the only one that gets this?

So I come in here to do something and there is a message up from him. I'll give you some of it:

rohanvk2002: Hi
rohanvk2002: Veronica
rohanvk2002: Are you there?? rohanvk2002: Man I really wanted talk to ya
rohanvk2002: Hey u there yet?
rohanvk2002: why are you not talking to me............
rohanvk2002: I just need to know why Veronica....c'mon
rohanvk2002: stop being like that! (this is where I came back in the room...he'd been going for about 1 1/2 hours)
nursiev: wow, looks like the party started without me!
nursiev: lol
nursiev: was watching tv
rohanvk2002: Jesus christ
nursiev: excuse me?
rohanvk2002: nada
rohanvk2002: why u ppl leave ur msgnr on??
nursiev: well, first of all, i'm not "u ppl", I'm me
nursiev: and second of all if you write and i don't resond that should clue you into the fact that i'm not there
nursiev: so sorry you were inconvenienced

rohanvk2002: no I was just upset
rohanvk2002: cuz u werent responding
nursiev: well, you have no reason to be upset at me OR take it out on me
rohanvk2002: Im not taking anything out on u (he quits talking)
nursiev: well, after all that you sure aren't very talkative now!
nursiev: have a good night
rohanvk2002: heyy
rohanvk2002: c'mon
rohanvk2002: geeez u got some temper Veronica!

Is it just me? Am I wrong? Am I crazy? Too sensitive maybe? It just seems to me that for someone who doesn't know me from Adam he sure is a bossy, controlling potential asshole! And I won't tolerate that from people I LOVE let alone a complete stranger that I'm trying to be nice to! Bugger off buddy... you are soooo blocked! Na na na na, hey hey hey, goooodbyyyyye!