Ready Freddie

As one of the biggest Queen fans ever I was thrilled to hear that American Idol was doing Queen this week! Almost as thrilled as I was to hear last night that next week they're doing standards...woohoo! My nerdy music is finally in the forefront! LOL How ya like me now?! (boy I hope they don't butcher it!) Overall I have to admit that I think most of them did a crap job this week. I was actually surprised by how good Kelly did though....and ya'll know how I feel about Taylor! He always looks like he's having a seizure and he totally missed the microphone stand when he tried to kick it lol...but I still love him! Katharine always does a good job and I was relieved to see that Elliott did "SOMEBODY TO LOVE"...... my favorite Queen song of all time!!!!!!!! I actually thought it would've been the perfect song for Ace because he has that higher falsetto. And as much as it kills me to say (because no one can ever compare to Freddie Mercury) Elliott actually did a great job....even if he changed the ending. I love the ending! I totally rock out to that song in my car all the time and I'm sure I could totally scare away animals and small children....I sing it from my soul man!!! hahaha Freddie and I ROCK IT OUT!!! Queen is simply, in my opinion, the best rock group EVER. I love how they are so passionate they are and there is an almost theatrical quality about their music. Every song is a journey. But truthfully...and no offense to the other fabulous guys in the band...but to me Queen died with Freddie. You just can't put another lead singer up there and go on tour and call yourselves Queen and get the same response from me. FREDDIE WAS QUEEN.

I know there are all the old favorite stadium anthems like We Are the Champions and Another One Bites the Dust....and I do love them....but my favorites would have to be You're My Best Friend, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and of course...Somebody to love. Even though I really don't like Radio Ga Ga...the live version of it performed at Live Aid.... I's about the energy of the crowd and his charisma as a performer. So what are your favorite Queen songs?

Freddie Mercury

September 5, 1946 - November 24, 1991