I almost found Jesus!

It was definitely saving grace that I didn't walk into that bar the other night for the birthday parties! A friend called me yesterday and said, "I can't believe I forgot to tell you this!! Jesus (hay-zus come on people! lol) was there!" I was shocked for a moment and then she said, "he looked HORRIBLE!! He's gained a ton of weight...he must weigh 300 pounds now. And his hair is long and looks bad....girl he went downhill after you!" I was surprised. I mean, Jesus was always a big guy...and I didn't mind at all....I became a believer (wink, wink haha)! But wow. I've heard these reports from several people but never wanted to listen. It's sad to me. She said that he was sitting there eating and someone kept insisting it was him. The rest of the group thought they were crazy till someone called out his name and he turned around. He came over and sat with them for a while and bought everyone a shot. My friend said, "I kept trying not to stare but I just had to keep looking into his face trying to find anything that resembled the Jesus I knew before."

Like I said, I'm glad I didn't go in. I've thought about him often and would honestly love to see him. But not like that.